Parish Council for Flyford Flavell, Grafton Flyford and North Piddle

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Flyford Flavell, Grafton Flyford and North Piddle Parish Council

Welcome to our website. We hope that you will find it easy to use. Here you will find current information about the parishes, some interesting facts about the area and our archives of past minutes and business. There are also useful links to other organisations and contact details for your local councillors and clerk. We are always very pleased to hear your comments and concerns so please do feel free to contact us.

Parish councils have certain powers to do things themselves, they also work in partnership with other local agencies and they are also a statutory consultee on many things such as planning and local policy.

For instance, the parish council employs a lengthsman to carry out minor maintenance on the roads. This includes cleaning the road signs, clearing headwalls and footways and digging grips to keep the roads from flooding. He is around every Wednesday so if you know of a problem let us know. Overgrown hedges and ditches are the responsibility of the landowners but we work in liaison with the Highways Department to make sure landowners are aware of and fix any problems. In Flyford Flavell, we are responsible for the upkeep of the village green and the pond by the church.

We also work closely with the three churches in our parish, the Flyford Flavell Social Group and the Parishes Hall. We facilitate and provide funding for these groups as we can.

Keeping the roads and footpaths in good condition is a never-ending task. This is mainly the responsibility of the County Council but the parish council liaises closely with our County Councillor and Footpaths Officer and works with them to identify problems and get them put right. For instance, we lobbied hard to introduce the 50mph speed limit on the A422, we spent a long time working with Highways solving the flooding problems on Huddington corner and recently persuaded Highways to replace all the drains on Libbery Lane. We are still working on a few black spots such as speeding on Radford Road in particular and the flooding on Bishampton Road at the extremity of the village.

The parish council is consulted on all planning applications in the area and we have been very effective in some cases, limiting the impact of development. The parish council has successfully opposed several development proposals in Flyford Flavell against district recommendation for approval and won appeals against such things as the proposed travellers site on the corner of New Hill and the A422. We successfully campaigned against the South Worcester Development proposals to allow excessive development in the parishes and limited the new development in Flyford Flavell to 16 houses instead of 24.

The parish council won a considerable payment from the developers towards maintenance costs for the village green and this has been invested and will ensure that precept required by the council in the future will be subsidised by its own capital.

The campaign of the moment is of course broadband. For approximately 50% of the parish that languishes with speeds less than 1.5Mbps this is a serious issue. Not only does it have an effect on local business it depresses house prices and causes no end of frustration. The parish council has taken up the baton and although this is a fast-moving area of government policy, is lobbying hard to ensure that we are not forgotten and put to the bottom of the pile. BT have promised us a plan by the middle of February – We wait with baited breath!

Flyford Flavell

Flyford Flavell Woods

Flyford Flavell is a scattered village that lies on the just off the A422, and on another road branching southward from it is Bishampton. The church is on the Worcester road, in the west of the village, near the highest point of the parish, where the land is 200 ft. above the ordnance datum.

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Grafton Flyford

Grafton Flyford Chruch Sunset

Grafton Flyford a 1,680 acre parish of which 372 are arable land, 1,040 permanent grass, and 162 woods and plantations. It is on the Lower Lias formation, and the chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, beans and fruit. In the southeast are Grafton Woods, said to be the finest cover for foxes in the county.

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North Piddle

North Piddle Sheep

North Piddle is a very small parish bounded by Piddle Brook on the west and south-west. The surface of the land is flat, the highest point (200 ft.) being near the eastern boundary. The soil is marl and loam on a subsoil of Lower Lias, and the chief crops are wheat, beans and fruit.

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